ChaPond Machinery supply - 機器設備提供

We provide 3 types of training program, includes A program for menu A, B program for menu B, and also C program for menu C. In the meantime, we are also willing to customize the menu based on customers request. We can come out the SOP for each drink or dessert which customer want to add it into the menu. Due to the machine setting also need to consider what kind raw material been adopted, we are able to modify the default setting of parameter of Tea presso/Tea Brewer machine like Gino TC-211 or  Klub for Tea presso plus Freser TB-35L/35T or Bunn for Tea Brewer as well. Our training supervisor can change the default setting of each machine, including the parameter to ensure the machine setting can fully compatible with the raw materials, and make sure that all materials performance and flaour which meet your expection.

Machinery & Equipment Quantity
1 Glass Door Freezer for Display       1
2 Vertical Freezer & Refrigerator       1
3 Sealing Machine       1
4 Fructose Filler       1
5 Ice Slush Machine       1
6 Coffee Bean Grinder       1
7 Tea presso Machine       1
8 Tea Brewer       1
9 Cubed Ice Making Machine       1
10 Induction Cooker       1
11 Stainless Steel Drinking Bar (180cm+120cm)       1 set
12 Utensil       1 set