ChaPond Consultation service - 一線品牌的專業顧問團進行輔導

>Founder of Chapond

With more than 15 years of bubble tea brand, our factory supplies materials to tier 1 bubble tea brand like Chatimx, CoCx, Comebux and so on. In the meanwhile, Chapond staff all worked for tier 1 brand before we established the company. With great know-how and experience, we have confidence to help our clients to set up their system of bubble tea business from the first shop to the whole chain store.

>Chapond aims to help our clients succeed with their own brand.

We focus on the quality of bubble tea materials with certifications, like ISO, HALAL, HACCP, SGS, CFS. We provide Taiwanese-produced and customized products. The most important objective of Chapond is to help our clients succeed with their bubble tea business. So, we aim at for assist our clients to create their own brand and expand their business rather than promoting our company.

>Chapond supports the clients with high quality service.

In order to help our clients succeed with their bubble tea business, Chapond is expected to be a platform of bubble tea shops with high quality service. We provide shop consultation, professional training program, raw materials supply and customization, shop interior design, business brand design, DM related design for opening, on-site guidance of shop running, and machinery supply to client who want to create a own brand with their chain store.